INNERVISION is a team of computer game developers specializing mainly in the development of game projects, in the survival horror genre, founded in 2020.

The team was founded in 2020 by Daniil Markov, the roster is often updated and edited. Since 2017 founder of the INNERVISION team was interested in the development of computer games, which prompted him to delve into the game development sphere.

The first project was created in a humorous format in the genre of survival horror, the name of which is currently hidden. His close friends helped with the plot. But for some technical reasons, the project was canceled. After three years that were spent on studying the game engine Unreal Engine 4, the gathering of people into a team from different parts of the planet began. January 1, 2021 started the development of a small game project "UNDERGROUND" in the genre of survival horror, which will be released on online service for digital distribution of computer games Steam.